Taylor Swift & Pancakes

As a reward for getting up early I took myself out to breakfast.  (This was also a necessity bc I was out of groceries).  I was standing in line at the cougar-eat’s scoreboard grill watching my plate sized pancake and wonder bread french toast cook (one of each), when Taylor Swift’s song ‘Love Story’ came on.  So naturally I began singing along with it, under my breath of course, and this random girl two down from me joined in. We looked at each other with that ‘it doesn’t matter what anyone says, we’re cool for doing this’ look and she started singing a little louder and then I started singing a little louder and then we ended up laughing.

The guy in the middle of us must have thought ‘oh girls’ and rolled his eyes, but we had fun.

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3 Responses to Taylor Swift & Pancakes

  1. Haha thats funny!
    I heart Taylor Swift so much!

    XOXO Mass

  2. Jill says:


  3. toesinthemud says:

    Those random moments with strangers are great…especially when there’s singing involved!

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